Logging into QuickerNotes

Using Mindbody staff credentials
Using your organization's admin user credentials

Mindbody Staff Credentials

You can use the credentials as set in your Mindbody staff profile to log into QuickerNotes.

Depending on whether you have more than 1 Mindbody site with a subscription, you may see an input for the Site ID of the Mindbody site you are trying to log in with.

Helpful tips

If you don't know your Mindbody credentials, please ask someone in your company that manages the Mindbody Application.

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it within Mindbody, and the updated values will automatically work in QuickerNotes.

Organization Admin Credentials

When your QuickerNotes application was created, you also created an "Organization Admin" user. This user has permissions to do things like set up roles and permissions and create forms and templates, but cannot see things like clients and appointments.

If you have forgotten the password to this user, you can use the forgot password link to reset it.