Patient Forms Kiosk

Manually generate kiosk codes
Automatic kiosk codes
QR code to kiosk page

Related permissions: forms:create-templates, forms:create, forms:send

The patient kiosk is a page in your application where a patient can enter a code and be directed to a new page containing all of their pending intake forms. This page is designed for use inside your office. You may choose to have a computer or iPad on this page for client use, or use a QR code to kiosk page as shown below.


Manually Generating Kiosk Codes

Kiosk codes can be generated for any pending form by going to a client profile, clicking into the forms tab, and clicking on "generate kiosk code" next to a pending form. A kiosk code will automatically display all pending forms when accessed by the client, even if other forms do not have an active kiosk code associated with them.

Kiosk codes automatically expire in 30 minutes for extra security.


Automatic Kiosk Codes

QuickerNotes will automatically generate kiosk codes for forms that have been created automatically for an appointment. When the automatic system generates codes it will also add the code as a note to the appointment in your Mindbody site and on the appointment in QuickerNotes.



Kiosk QR Code

You will find a QR code by going to the Form Templates page in your settings. You may print out the QR code and store in a public place. Simply click the print button and print out the page. When your clients scan this code with a phone camera, they will be able to open up your client kiosk portal on their device.