Form Translations

QuickerNotes allows translating forms to your clients native language. If you do not see a language you require, please email us, and we will add it for you.

Translating forms

When creating or editing a form template, if you have at least one custom question, a "Translate Form" button will appear at the top right of the page. Clicking this link will open the Translation page for this form.

This page will contain the text from all of the form's questions, help text and options. You may add translations for any or all of these that allow translation in the middle section, and on the right side an option to choose which language you would like to translate to.

Example fields that will be shown after you click Translate Form.

In order to translate these phrases you will have to choose a language from the dropdown menu on the top-right corner.

After you've chosen the language, you will see empty input fields where you can type in the translations. These fields will be pre-populated if the exact same phrase has already been translated for another form. When you are finished with your translations, click the save button. If you decide you do not want to add translations, click cancel.

Example field where you can type in the translation.

Changing Languages

You can see the available translations at the top of the page when previewing the form and when clients are filling out the forms online. Clicking the name of a language will cause the form to be displayed in that language.

Previewing form while editing.

Example of what your clients will see when filling in forms online.