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Add & remove permissions
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Within QuickerNotes you create roles that correlate with certain positions within your company. Setting up roles and permissions allows you to have control over what parts of the application can be accessed and/or viewed by specific staff members. For example an " Administrator" role might be assigned all permissions, but a "Receptionist" role might only be allowed to see appointments, but not progress notes and client details etc. After you have created roles, you can assign them to staff members that are in the position for which the role was created.

Follow the instructions below to set up your roles and permissions and assign them to staff members.

Related permissions roles:create roles:delete and roles:assign

Creating new roles

The roles:create permission is required for this step.

To create a new role click the "New Role" button on the top right of the screen. You will see a popup screen that will prompt you to give the role a name. Once you save the role, click on the newly created role in your list of roles.

Create a role

Adding & Removing permissions for a role

The roles:create permission is required for this step.

To enable a permission turn on the toggle switch. To disable the permission turn it off. The switch will have a dark background when it is on and a light colored background when it is off. Make sure you click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page after making changes.

Manage Permissions

Deleting a role

The roles:delete permission is required for this step.

You can delete a role by clicking the "Delete Role" button at the top right of the permissions page.

delete role

Assigning roles to staff members

The roles:assign permission is required for this step.

As seen in the image below you can see your staff members from Mindbody and assign roles to them. A staff member can have any number of roles assigned to them.

You can assign a role by clicking on the "add/remove roles" link next to the staff member name and clicking on the link with the corresponding role you wish to assign. You can remove a role by clicking the link a second time. If a staff member has a badge next to their name with the name of a role, that means they have been assigned that role.

You can search for staff members by name in the search field at the top right of the staff members list.

Assign Roles In the image you can see that we are searching for staff members with names that begin with "Dr.". Each of these staff members have the "Staff" role assigned to them.